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Dear Guest

Wireless ( high Speed ) Internet Access is now available in our Rooms and Suites and our Outlets

We would like to invite you to our Super Highway. Just press M Floor in the Elevator,
We are Waiting to see you, don’t Waste your time. We hope you enjoy your stay


- We offer coffee and fast online connections. Services include personal computer training, video conferencing, scanning, and printing. Attractive membership schemes are also offered to our regular customers, with discounts and special promotions on offer to search the internet. our friendly staff are always at hand to guide you through unfamiliar subjects or tasks. You can feel free to seek their advice, discuss your requirements and plan your work. 

- Our services : computer Workstations ,Internet Access - per hour, PC Workstation - per hour, Design Workstation - per hour, Scanning - per page A4, Flatbed Scanning - per hour, CD Burning - per hour, CD Blanks - per CD, Tutor Assisted, Printing Services, A4 B&W Laser - per page, A4 B&W Transparency - per page, A4 B&W Photocopying - per page, Fax Services  Send & Receive.




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